Single Lock Bridge at Camp Coker

Thank you for caring. Friends and supporters of Scouting, just like you, are critical to the success of our programs. Your donations help us give children a safe, nurturing, educational, and fun experience. Because of you, the Pee Dee Area Council offers a beautiful camp (Camp Coker), a service center that carries supplies and training materials, a staff that sends out mailings, processes advancements, and conducts criminal background checks on prospective leaders. and a host of other services.

If you would like to make a donation to the Pee Dee Area Council, please proceed to the Secure Online Donation Page or contact the council service center at 843-662-6306.

Annual Operating Expenses

Some people are surprised to learn that a non-profit organization has many of the same expenses that they have. It costs this Council almost $700,000 per year to achieve its mission.

The Council’s operating expenses include:

  • electricity and other utilities at the service center and at Camp Coker
  • assistance to needy families
  • property maintenance and upkeep
  • gasoline
  • taxes (yes we pay taxes)
  • salaries and benefits for full time and seasonal staff
  • food for Scouting events
  • program and office supplies
  • support service fees to the National Council
  • training materials
  • postage and shipping
  • insurance

Income Sources

The Pee Dee Area Council relies upon the generosity of people and businesses to finance its programs. The Council offers a number of ways that people can contribute. Here are the primary funding sources:

An annual monetary gift to our Friends of Scouting Campaign (FOS) goes towards the operating expenses. This is the most advantageous to the Council. It gives us the flexibility to use the money early in the year and where it is needed the most.

gift-in-kind is the donation of items or services that the council would normally have to purchase. It could also mean money donated to purchase one of these items. The Council can choose not to accept donations that are not in good condition or cannot be used. Here is a partial list of items that are always needed. Contact the council service center for more ideas or if you wish to make a donation.

  • .22 cal bullets for summer camp
  • Newsletter ($500 per issue)
  • Ammunition – Shotgun 20 gauge
  • Camp first aid supplies
  • Clay pigeons
  • Eggs
  • Beef, chicken, pork for summer camp
  • Copier Paper (correct Color)
  • Council calendar printing
  • Gasoline or gasoline gift cards
  • Envelopes
  • Flip Chart Pads
  • Office supplies, pens, pads, light bulbs
  • Toner/ink cartridges for printers and copiers
  • Roundup flyer printing
  • Silver Beaver Awards
  • Training Awards
  • Utilities/Gas/Electric/Water
  • Vehicle tractor repair
  • Trash removal
  • Pest control services
  • Lumber and paint for Camp Coker
  • Nails, plumbing supplies, tools
  • Paper products for office and Camp Coker

The sale of popcorn in the fall provides additional funding to the Council. Approximately 30% of every dollar raised in the sale, goes to the Council. An equal amount goes to the local Scout unit.

Interest from the Council’s endowment fund (see below) is a growing income source. Donations to the endowment fund are kept in perpetuity and the Council only draws from the interest earned.

Gifts can also be given using annuities and trusts.  The BSA Foundation provides free financial planning services to Scouting donors.

Capital Improvements

These are projects to improve or expand properties. It could be something very visible such as a new shelter at Camp Coker or something less noticeable, but no less important, such as repaving the parking lot at the service center. The capital money of the Council is kept separate from the annual operating expenses money. Many times people will donate money for a specific project. By law, if money is donated for a designated purpose, it must be used for that project. Because of this, the Council may refuse to accept a donation if it is for a project it chooses not to undertake.

Capital expenditures can also be for large equipment purchases such as vehicles, tractors, or office equipment. People and business can also make gift-in-kind donations for these projects. If you want to know what projects currently need funding, contact the council service center.

Endowment Fund

This is a way to support scouting forever. The endowment fund is an investment fund that the Council draws money from annually to support its operations. If you make a designated gift to the endowment fund, the money you put in there will always be there. The Council will only take part of the interest earned based upon a spending policy approved by the executive board.

There are three recognition categories in endowment giving.
They are:

The James E. West Fellowship for gifts of $1,000 up to $24,999 in cash or marketable securities.

The 1910 Society for gifts of $25,000 or more in the form of cash, securities, properties, or five year giving plans. Within it there are three levels; Ernest Thompson Seton ($25,000 minimum), Daniel Carter Beard ($100,000minimum), Theodore Roosevelt ($500,000 minimum), and Waite Phillips ($1,000,000 minimum).
The Founders Circle is intended to recognize deferred gifts of $100,000 or more in the form of bequests in a will, charitable trusts, gift annuities, pooled income funds, life insurance, retirement plans, or other approved gifts.

There are numerous ways to give to the endowment fund; cash, stocks, bequests, property, insurance policies just to name a few. If you are considering a donation of something other than cash and you want to minimize the tax burden, you should talk to a professional. Your attorney can help you or direct you someone who can. If you want help, the Council can have a professional contact you to discuss the ways to make your donation.